Hover provides a variety of services for consumer facing businesses and can assist in segments throughout the prototyping process in other industries. We are primarily focused on the ideation/refinement, design, and rapid prototyping services for our consumer facing clients. Our goal is to get you to market as fast as possible, eliminating the common obstacles that face many hardware companies in their early to mid stages.

We provide both in-house and outsourced services when producing your product. We focus on fast iterations in house, utilizing processes such as 3D printing and welding to create models for founders to look at early on. For more complex needs that require heavy equipment, we rely on our partners across the globe. 

Consumer products

Low-volume prototype, pilot, or short-term production support using Injection Molding, Urethane Casting, 3D Printing with metals and plastics, and CNC Machining​

  • Customized low-volume production runs

  • Rapid tooling

  • Rapid prototyping to accelerate design cycles

  • Functional prototypes

  • Concept modeling for user testing

  • Custom fixturing

  • Custom tooling, jigs, brackets, and chassis for manufacturing

  • Enclosures


Design services

Industrial design, 3D rendering, photorealistic modeling, and more design services are available through Hover. Our design team can advise on your existing work and proactively input on both aesthetic and functional improvements to every product. We are familiar with a variety of segments including Drones, Electric Bikes, Smart Beds, True Wireless Earbuds, and also simple, design only oriented products. 



We provide our existing clients and new clients services to perfect their pre-manufacturing designs to optimize for cost and efficiency. This is a critical segment as many consumer facing products lose profit and customers by overspending or having a higher than optimal false positive rate. These issues can be eliminated with good pre-production consultation.

We do not offer low volume manufacturing in house. but we do have many partners that do. 


Supply Chain

Finding a reputable supplier is critical and difficult in the current market. We can assist with searching for suppliers and manufacturers in a variety of countries, including the US, that meet your needs and budget.