We offer a wide range of R&D services down to pre-manufacturing level for consumer products. Our focus is primarily on rapid prototyping in micro stages to ensure client satisfaction. 


CNC Machining

Our team can provide you with assistance on all of your machining needs. From optimizing the part to optimizing the tool path, we can help. We are currently capable of working with Aluminum Alloys, Steel, and High Density Foam. 

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Industrial Design

Our team of experienced designers research the latest materials, technologies and developments in many disciplines to ensure your product is innovative and effective. After our extensive research is underway, we begin the ideation phase, which consists of sketching out many versions of how your product will look, function and its interaction with the intended user. Through many rounds of ideation comes refinement. Sketches are down selected based on functionality, material choices, manufacturability and of course, customer preference. Working hand-in-hand with ideation, the CAD Modeling process begins to develop 3D forms along with determining proportion and function. Finally, prototyping is the physical development of the product. They help define size, proportion, user interaction, functionality and more. Our extensive prototyping phase is always executed with the user in mind.



Our team has the knowledge and tools to develop advanced mechanical systems from start to finish. Using digital software, we are able to run physical simulations of full assemblies and single parts using numerical data. These simulations include structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, and mass transport. Our team of engineers uses advanced processes when determining the proper material for a project. Material analysis ensures that the material is suitable for the intended assembly and environment.


3D Printing and Welding

For fastest turnarounds and early versions, we are capable of printing small to mid-size parts in plastic, alloys, carbon fiber, and a variety of other materials available through our partners. For more difficult parts, we employ Stick Welding, also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is the most widely used of the various arc welding processes. Stick welding is very versatile in respect to its environment as it can be used indoors, outdoors and in remote areas. Materials commonly used include steel, stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum.


We combine our  processes in the most efficient way for your product.

Conventional prototyping and R&D firms have one set timeline and method to create a prototype. We take a different approach that streamlines production speed and testing. This is practical for modern-day startups and hardware companies that need products built fast and iterated even faster.

Our proprietary staged prototyping process is based on rapidly iterating multiple versions of your product, varying in complexity in function- with each stage more complex and closer to the final product than the last. We combine multiple processes and utilize the most efficient path to accomplish this, in order to achieve two goals:

1) Your input is well measured and integrated into each stage of the product, faster and more effectively than traditional companies.

2) Your final product will more likely reflect what you truly want, not simply something "close".