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We founded Hover to provide small to mid-size consumer product companies with a better solution to their prototyping needs. Many on our team are veterans in the consumer products industry, and we experienced many headaches when trying to both produce a new product and trying to partner with a fitting manufacturer. Hover fits a need in the rapid prototyping space that is a better fit both cost-wise and timewise for many small to mid-size companies in smart home, transportation, camera, telecommunication, audio, and consumer design spaces. 

The difference in our approach is based on our staged method of prototyping that combines creative processes and "hacks" the process of building a new product. We understand that sometimes it's more important to create faster versions of a product, than to perfect it. Perfecting a product too slowly could risk missing market timing or missing consumer expectations altogether.

We hope that if you're a good fit for Hover, you give us a call.

Hunter W.    Principal

Daniel Y.      Chief Engineer

Jeffrey B.      Industrial Design

Tracy L.        Sales & Marketing